Dwane Krenkevich

It started with one truck and strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Dwane has grown DM Krenkevich Inc from the one truck he owned and operated in 1994 to our current fleet of nearly fifty. Reluctant to take any credit he attributes the success of DM Krenkevich Inc to the great team of people that continue to exceed our customer’s expectations each and every day.

Dwane recognized from the beginning that our customers, drivers, owner operators and employees are each an integral part of the process and as such each must enjoy success for DM Krenkevich Inc to achieve the goals of “continual improvement” and “exceeding customer satisfaction”.

Dwane’s experiences as a driver and owner operator are the corner stone for much of the DM Krenkevich Inc philosophy today. Honest to the minute communication is emphasized as fundamental in all our dealings.

Dwane’s expectation that communication as our first obligation is tempered with the basic reality mistakes will be made. Dwane’s goals for DM Krenkevich Inc of continual improvement and exceeding customer satisfaction are very much dependant on learning from our mistakes and improving our processes so we do not repeat those mistakes.

DM Krenkevich Inc aspires to be your transportation service provider of choice. Dwane is confident that we are that service. So confident in fact that his name and reputation ride with every shipment.